Electricity test and tag

One of mankind’s most important discoveries was electricity and with it came a revolution in industrial advancement. Today we consume thousands of mega watts of electricity worldwide to run practically everything. From a simple shaver to the robots we use in shipbuilding. Electricity spurred the industrial revolution in the early 19th century and today we just cannot do without it.

With the increase in the consumption of electricity we have had to bring in some disciplines as to how we are using this very important commodity. It was necessary to bring certain legislations to bring the safety factor in the use of electricity. The need to have an electrical risk assessment performed and a test and tag obtained along with emergency lights testing and exit light testing for any premises prior to commencing any commercial work where you and the public could be at risk has become imperative.

The electrical risk assessment supported by a test and tag certification from a certified company will give the thumbs up, to proceed with any work at that premises. The need to obtain an electrical risk assessment and the test and tag green light will provide approval that the premises under review, is free from any inherent danger in the using of electricity. The electrical test and tag is not a onetime certification.

The electrical tagging requirement is a continuous process which advice you could obtain from us. We have been in the electrical test and tag business for many years now and would be able to advice you on this. Our electrical test and tag certification is recognized by the authorities as we are affiliates. Hence electricity risk assessment and the electrical testing and tagging certification is a statutory requirement.

Most, if not all households use an extensive range of electrical appliances. There could be danger lurking within those appliances unknowing to us. Testing and tagging those appliances will bring the safety factor to the fore of which all of us are concerned with today. A test and tag certificate from a reputed and reliable company is necessary before and during operations. Testing and tagging is a regular feature, to uphold safety.

Overlooking the need to test and tag and emergency lights testing especially where electrical machinery is used could have disastrous consequences. Avoiding any unforeseen incidents is our primary concern, and what better way than in testing and tagging your electrical apparatus. After you test and tag you could be sure about the performance of the electrical equipment you would be using on a daily basis. Whether it is an average home or a large factory, testing and tagging is an important exercise. Failing to produce a test and tag and exit light testing certification when asked to by the relevant authorities could land you in serious trouble.

Safety being the primary concern emergency lights testing and exit light testing have to be carried out regularly. The need for emergency lights testing and exit lights testing cannot be ignored and shoved under the carpet. 


Swimming pool accidents are preventable.

There are diverse ranges of fencing materials available in the market but we at Jim’s Fencing use only the best brands which are approved by the Australian Fence Industry Association (AFIA) and certified by the Australian Safety Standards. The AFIA was formed in the year 2011 as a prelude to it’s predecessor The Australian Chain Link Fencing Association which was founded in the year 2003.

The fencing industry received a boost when Federal and State laws were promulgated to regularize standards in manufacture and installation of fences. There is legislation to safeguard the interests of manufacturers, installers and customers as well but still there are a few rogue individuals that you may have to be careful of.

All bona fide fencing contractors are accredited to the AFIA and if you are having your fences repaired or replaced by one of them, you could ask to see their credentials prior to commissioning them. You have all the right to do so, and nobody should be offended by your actions.

Jim’s Fencing will advise you of the best fencing that would suit the design of your home. You could have a blaze of color around your home and select the ten year warranty, strong, sturdy and colourful colorbond fencing, or you could bring a bit of nature to your environs and opt for timber fencing.

If you need to keep a section of your home plot away from inquisitive eyes, there is a solution we can find for you. With many different fencing materials to choose from you could install discreet screen fencing. You could use wooden slats or similar materials and whilst protecting the beauty and ambience of your property you could also hide a few square meters of your property from prying eyes.

Swimming pools whilst be enjoyable and fun can also turn into nightmares. There have been many swimming pool accidents that have occurred in the past and now it is legislated that swimming pools should be adequately fenced.

Swimming pool fencing is mandatory and it is checked regularly by the council representative to ensure compliance. Most homes where there are kids install glass pool fencing, this is advantages because those from outside could see that everything is well and good within the enclosure, especially when the kids are in.     


Companies in the construction business


Insurance or a process similar to what we know today was practiced by Chinese traders, way back in the 3rd Millennia BC. They traded goods plying the Chinese rivers and some covered their cargo, with compensation if the boat failed to deliver the merchandise due to any problems whilst in transit. This was the first recorded instances of compensation being paid, not for goods traded but for goods lost in transit.

This process in a more organized and systematic way is practiced today and is referred to as insurance. The Great Fire of London in the year 1666 which destroyed about 13,000 homes and other buildings quickened the need for insurance and is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

Jim’s Group one of Australia’s trusted and reputed conglomerates with interests in Home Services and other related business activities have taken a bold step into underwriting insurance too. We are today one of the leaders in the industry and underwrite many types of policies. We are able to tailor make insurance policies to cover any eventuality.

It is also imperative that all business entities cover themselves with appropriate Business insurance covers to safeguard them when and if tragedy strikes. Any business organization could take out a Commercial insurance policy which would cover their commercial activities as stipulated in the policy.

Those companies in the construction business could opt for either Construction insurance or Building construction insurance depending on their specific requirements.

Buildings that are leased or rented out to others would also need to cover their liabilities with proper insurance. The Commercial building insurance that is available with all underwriters could be designed with specific clauses to suit each individual property. This is the advantage in obtaining insurance, the portfolio available with the underwriters are flexible and can be modified to each requirement.

Two very important and mandatory covers are when there are liabilities in case of any unforeseen accidents. The law of the land comes down more severely when the public is affected or if the State foresees danger to the public. This a political as well as a humanitarian issue, and is taken very seriously by most governments, anywhere in the world. Australian laws could be quite stiff on this issue.

The safeguard is to take out the appropriate Public liability insurance and the business liability insurance.